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Pick us for oil delivery services in Abilene, TX & the surrounding Big Country areas

Grease and oil are necessary for making machines function correctly. Anything that needs fuel needs lubricant. Trust C4 Fuels, LLC as your lubricant distributor in Abilene, TX and any of the surrounding Big Country areas. We offer oil delivery services so you won't have to worry about picking up the products yourself. Choose us for DEF fluid in quantities of 2.5 gallons or 330 gallons. We'll soon be offering retail and bulk fuel options.

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What will lubricant do for your machinery?

Lubricant is important for:

  • Minimizing heat caused by friction
  • Reducing wear and tear on machines
  • Prolonging the life of your equipment

We're a preferred lubricant distributor because we sell high-quality products. Picking the right product for your machinery will save you money on repairs and replacement parts. Call us today at 325-999-4060 to schedule oil delivery services.

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